On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Arun <arunra...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Anivar and members,
> I took the liberty of sprucing up the election page. (since yesterday)
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Elections2014
> Added link for procedural documents
> Added a status table for Election progress
> Template for Elections 2014 created with a ready reckoner for Election
> related pages
> Grouped all pages by the Category Elections 2014:
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Category:Elections_2014
>  In addition to the above:
> Organized past election pages for reference and suitable reuse of
> practices.
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Category:Elections_2013
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Category:Elections_2012
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Category:Elections_2011
> Hope you find this useful to track the election process better and stay
> informed.
> Thanks to the EC and the Election committee for doing an excellent job
> thus far.
> It is also great to see 14 candidate nominations for the 6 EC roles.
> Request all members to participate actively in the Election process.

Happy to  see the raising interest on Election 2014 pages .
Thanks for look and feel and information Arun . (I thanked earlier in wiki
as well)
We need more volunteers like you to keep Information organized.
If anyone else is interested in helping Elecom pages organized please talk
to us at

We will soon need a good template for listing "Profiles at a Glance" and
for "Q&A With Candidates"

Yes we are going to have a long candidate list :-)

Elecom will announce verified list within next few hours after the pending
approval signatures from all members .

~ regards
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