Dear Srikanth,

This is just trash . Ignore it .
Engagement with WMIN Election process is limited to Chapter members  and
mentioning membership No is mandatory for Q&A page . As per Elecom informed
, non members cannot be allowed to engage with Election process. It is
mentioned clearly in the page.
Any questions without membership no will be reverted .

~ regards

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 11:31 PM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:

> I've got this mail six times in bcc.
> Please look into it.
> Any more mails of this nature will go into my trash bin.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: "IAC techs" <>
> Date: 05-Nov-2014 10:50 pm
> Subject: Grossly Obscene pornographic images on WIKIMEDIA.IN
> To: <>, <>
> Cc:
> REBLOGGED BY on behalf of India Against
> Corruption's members who are users / editors of Wikipedia community
> This is a protest circulated against the strange decision by Anivar
> Aravind to hastily close the Q&A session for candidates after IAC
> poses uncomfortable queries from the "community"
> To:,  and other candidates and WMIN members.
> We notice that you are a member of the WIKIMEDIA.IN website and
> actively promoting LGBT issues there including for your election
> campaign.
> We suppose you know that at the present time "carnal intercourse
> against the order of nature" is against India's laws, and distributing
> grossly obscene / pornographic images of it via WIKIMEDIA.IN is a
> serious criminal offence which IAC has reported to the concerned
> agencies and is seriously prosecuting. IAC is also monitoring
> WIKIMEDIA.IN to assist law enforcement agencies.
> This email is being sent to you as the illegally appointed returning
> officer Anivar Aravind has deleted IAC's query for all candidates for
> the WMIN EC vacancies (which was publicly posted to WIKIMEDIA.IN by
> one of IAC's volunteers as a member of the "community").
> PS: And another editor was banned from WIKIMEDIA.IN for asking queries
> on racism and discrimination against Indians at WIKIPEDIA, again by
> Anivar who also refuses to publish the non-existent Karnataka Society
> Rule 1961 to prevent community members posing queries (which actual
> official rules can be accessed here)
> from which it is abundantly clear that you are ineligible to contest
> elections and Anivar cannot conduct it.
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> Disclaimer: The Wikimedia India Chapter (WMIN) is an autonomous entity
> with no direct control over the Wikipedia project and other websites hosted
> by the Wikimedia Foundation, USA.
> This mail is sent to the members of the Chapter as part of the official
> communications between the Chapter, its Director Board and the members.
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