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> This is little strange, I can understand that voting and nominations are
> members only regime but why the community is not allowed to participate
> even in Q&A is not clear to me.
> If it is so, there should be no wiki page or onwiki discussion, or login
> process on wikimedia.in should be membership number based.
As you all know, we at WMIN Elecom initially thought about opening it for
all . But  a member  informed us non-members of a society must not
interfere with its election process and opening Q&A with candidates to non
members is a violation of this . We asked WMIN to cross check it and as per
the advice we received  we restricted the privilege for asking questions to
members alone . But the pages will remain open for observing the election
process for community .

It is documented here

If any community members interested in chapter affairs ,  take a membership
and participate in next year elections

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