Looking at issues objectively, the chapter has always been working with and
for the community. All the members come from the community.  In layman
terms I think the only privilege of the membership holders is to elect and
be elected and a few other responsibilities that can be realised only
within a formal structure.

Please cite the rule.  Otherwise explain why the "COMMUNITY" was
> invited to pose queries to candidates till 15.Nov.2014. It has always
> been clearly understood that "community" refers to "Wikipedia users
> community" and Wikimedia "India" is known as "Chapter".
> Is it your case that candidates for WMIN should not reply to queries
> from the community ?

While the graduate constituency MLC elections are open for only graduates
it does not mean that others cannot raise questions to the candidates.  It
is just that only graduates can vote and be elected. I think the same
thought process applies here.  It would be good to remove the artificial
restriction else the chapter may be reduced to only the numbers who are

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