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> As regards to "Same with Elecom.
> We are volunteers for conducting election process,
> We depends on legal advice from WMIN . So get in touch with WMIN office
> for any more clarification  "
> You said there is a rule that debars participation of the community, I
> request you to provide evidence, I don't understand why that is so
> difficult.

I pointed chapter MoA and asked you to read that .
All needed documents are public and  linked at
Read that and if you think it is not correct,  point the the provision to
open election process to non members of a society . As a volunteer body for
conducting elections, we depends upon legal opinion from WMIN in this
regard as official . You can check the same with WMIN if needed .
If you have any more questions ask it in
http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Talk:Elections2014 page.
This is my last response here .

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