A great idea. Would be great if we could try it in India.
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> Good news everyone,
> Cheese articles are gonna get improved!
> As french, it was dreadful for us to see so few illustrations of cheese on
> Wikipedia. This is about to change.
> A group of french Wikimedians, lead by Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, designed a
> project to photograph many cheeses, up to 200 for the moment.
> This project is perticular as we aim to have it found through a french
> crowdfunding platform, KissKissBankBank.
> Of course Wikimedia France could have funded it itself, but we wanted to
> use the project as a way to get the larger audience aware of their ability
> to contribute and to give a fun image of contributing.
> The project in few words iss follow :
> * 10 cheeses per session
> * During the session the cheeses are photographed and their articles
> improved
> * During the sessions experimented wikimedian would train new editors
> * At every session every participant would enjoy eating good cheese too
> If you want to read more, or even contribute, about the project you can go
> on KissKissBankBank :
> If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them on or off list.
> All the best,
> --
> Christophe
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