Hello my name is arun
I am doing one opensource project from last two years contents and code is
purley licenced under creative commons licence i am trying to write one
article in wiki from last few months but it is getting deleted again and

I am looking support from this community to place that article in place

It is basically is an open learning system. And how do you benefit? With an
open learning system, a database of notes and study materials from many
different branches of education are at your disposal to provide good
quality study material, as supplied by learners and if we're fortunate,
lecturers as well. This can reduce the cost of books by 86.5%. Open library
is an online library management system with a global index. When using this
system learners can avoid the time they need to spend at the library
browsing books. This can also be effective travel, as people and the
libraries can exchange the books among them as per their interest. Review
is editable by everyone so that there will be a good review will be formed.
Librarians are able to communicate with users so that the loss of books can
be avoided. Who is responsible for this? Eduladder is a group of teachers,
programmers, students and people like you, who believe education should be
free and accessible for everyone. We believe the cost of education can be
reduced through technology, so we have dedicated our youth to sustaining
and developing an open learning system and by using creative commons
license so assure the commercial use of data is avoided legally.


Hi, I am pleased to introduce myself  and happy to inform you that I am a
volunteer for eduladder.com.

Eduladder is a group of teachers, programmers and students who believe
education should be free and accessable for everyone.  We offer a broad
range of learning materials, covering every conceivable subject.

Find this out for yourself by visiting our site and if you wish to be a
part of this movement please visit us at:


Like  us on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eduladder/384919901583797

You can contact me,  Arun  Webber on: 0091 8147433408 if you wish to find
out more on our system of give and take of learning materials, and become a
part of our global village.  We'd be happy to hear from you.
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