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From: Priyanka Tiwari <>
Date: Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 12:33 AM
Subject: [WMIN-Members] Formation of Advisory Committee Board
To: Wikimedia India Community list <>,

In an effort to form a stable WMIN working environment and utilize the
community’s experience in terms of guidance, the EC, has decided to
form an *Advisory
Committee Board*. Since the past EC was already working on it, as a new EC,
it’s our duty to take it forward.

Since, we want to include all the domains of work that are associated with
the working of WMIN, we propose different verticals under which the
advisory committee would advise the EC -

   - Law,
   - Organizational Development,
   - Technology,
   - Policy making,
   - Outreach and
   - Others (Open to suggestions from the community)

The function of the Advisory committee board will be to advise the
Wikimedia India chapter EC in its strategic decision-making process. They
will be providing the EC with appropriate suggestions and solutions towards
queries and solicitations specifically asked for.

It shall not be a part of the final decisions and resolutions adopted by
the Board. In general, the Advisory Committee members may remain for an
indefinite term.

Since we want to take the inputs from the community, we would want the
community to suggest inputs on the following functions of this Advisory
Committee -

   - Role of Advisory committee
   - Strength of the Advisory Committee
   - Code of Conduct to Advisory committee
   - Code of Conduct to Advisory committee

Apart from this, we would also like suggestions from the community on the
Possible inclusion to this Important Committee.

The new EC looks forward to full support from the Community.


Priyanka Tiwari

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