This is a significant shift in Engineering processes at the Wikimedia
Foundation.  I want to make sure it reaches people not subscribed to
Wikimedia-l or wikitech-l.


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From: Damon Sicore <>
Date: Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 12:31 PM
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Dear Wikimedians,

We are changing our engineering processes to improve how we engage with you
-- our valued contributors and editors -- around software development.

We are beginning with the collaborative buildout and deployment of
VisualEditor. We are moving community engagement processes and product
decisions into earlier stages of development, and making them iterative. In
a perfect world this process would start prior to feature development, but
in this case VisualEditor is already in-flight, so your participation now
is critical. With your participation, we can work together to ensure this
new process works.

In this new process, we commit to:

• Collectively identify success criteria for each target audience, from new
editors (simple feature set) to expert editors (complex feature set).
• Ensure success criteria represents the quantified and qualified goals.
The feature will only be shipped when the success criteria is met.
• Enable the feature for only portions of specific audiences that would
best benefit (a process known as “incremental roll-out”) at a time.
• Triage and prioritize all bugs and feature requests on a weekly basis to
ensure they are addressed in a timely fashion. Publicly post responses,
assessment, and target implementations. This will replace the RFP process
and ensure we are tracking on all requested features efficiently.

How you can engage:

• Report bugs or enhancement requests in Phabricator:
• Join any of the weekly triage meetings to nominate a release blocker.
Please see the instructions at:
• Participate in development. You can find the team on IRC in the
#mediawiki-visualeditor channel on

We are excited to get this long-standing feature to the level of quality
and success we all want and need. It is a collective effort. You are not
only a stakeholder, but an active contributor in this work. We want to all
to be proud of the outcome. Please participate now.

All my best,


Damon Sicore
VP of Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation

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