Dear all,

 March is women's history month, and to celebrate, Wikimedians are writing
articles which are of importance to women. The co-ordination page on meta
can be found here [1]. The celebration has started on March 1 and will
continue until March 31. The event is being supported by CIS-A2K and
Wikimedia India.

I am writing to invite all Wikimedians to participate in the online and
offline events happening in connection with Wikiwomen's History Month. The
list of events can be found here [2]. More events are being planned, so
please visit this page occasionally to know the latest updates! If you are
planning an event in your locality, do remember to add the event to page

The events are happening in Indic languages and English. As of now, we have
project pages in seven languages. If your language is there in the list of
languages here [3], please sign up on the respective project page and join
us in our effort to bridge the gender gap on Wikipedia. If your language is
not on this list, please consider creating one on your own!

The stats of the en event can be found on our website : We need help in creating the statboard for all
participating languages. Please write to  User: Jeph Paul
<> if you are interested in
volunteering to do this.




If you have any questions, please contact me or one of the organizers.

Netha Hussain
Student of Medicine and Surgery
Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode
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