Dear Yohann,

After going through the links and the logs etc, I am having serious
doubts about this whole project.

This is what I feel:

1. Is this really a competition? Or just a photo upload event? How
come there are community nominations for a competition? Moreover, how
language is related to pictures? Do you mean a Marathi person can not
take/upload pictures of Rasgulla or Chole-Bhature or fafda or idly?

2. The time frame of just 15 days for the first phase is too small.
And comparatively, the prizes are BIG. What is the logic behind this?
How many pictures are expected? Are those prizes have any co-relation
to the number of pictures?

3. Phase two has even BIGGER prizes !! Again, what is the logic ?
From the IRC log, I have a feeling that just to finish off the
available money, these prizes are declared. I do not think this is a
good idea and a nice way of spending money.

4. What is the eligibility of the pictures? What is the minimum
picture size? Any photo taken from a half megapixel mobile camera is
acceptable? How you will compare it with a HD quality picture taken on
a full frame digital camera or even a high end medium format camera?

5. What is the eligibility of the pictures? WLF page tells about what
is not eligible and not the other way. It seems that all images should
be having commons license. But then the judging is considering the
license of the picture also..

6. Criteria fo judging is also difficult. You can not judge picture on
"originality". Technical quality can be a good criteria but it needs
some common base which is not defined in the rules. (see point 4

7. With due respect to all the judges and their knowledge, let people
understand how the judges are selected/decided and what are their
credentials. This will help people to upgrade their skills so that
they can volunteer as a judge in any further contests.

8. The fine print is really amazing !!! *** ".... and the organizers
reserve the right to modify these rules or to cancel the contest at
their sole discretion, even after it has started."***   WOW !! The
rules can be changed at any time !! What kind of contest is this?

Overall, even though WLF is a great idea, I feel that this whole
project is not properly planned and executed. I think WMIN should
reconsider the whole project again.

//completely non-relevent info

apart from whatever little bit of contribution to WMIN activities I
have made, I have been a photographer myself and participated in photo
exhibitions, written articles in photography magazines, got my
pictures printed in magazines and worked for a photographic society.
Whatever knowledge/wisdom collected from my photographic activities is
the background for writing all these points. Hope you don't mind.



On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 2:49 AM, Yohann Thomas <> wrote:
> Hello everyone
> After Intense discussions we are finally rolling out the first phase of Wiki
> Loves Food.
> As an introduction, Wiki Loves Food (WLF) is a public photo competition on
> Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the
> Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia India Chapter will be running this contest.
> The aim of this project is to improve the quality of pictures of different
> cuisines of India & the world. This competition is to commemorate and unite
> our Passion we have so much for Food.
> In this Competition, all pictures related to Indian food & Indian cuisine
> will be allowed
> Phase 1 of WLF will be held between April 15th to April 30th. It is a pilot
> to understand the dynamics of Commons community before the contest is
> launched for the wider Wikimedia India community. 50 participants will be
> enrolled for this in a first come first register basis.
> To register please click here .
>  We are also inviting 2 nominations per language community besides these 50
> participants. These community nominated participants can be seen here
> Prizes for this Phase are
> 1st Prize - INR 12000
> 2nd Prize - INR 8000
> 3rd prize - INR 5000
> Community Award - INR 5000
> Please remember that for Phase 1 - entries close 30th April at 23:59pm.
> Also remember to Upload the Pictures under Category:Wiki Loves Food
> You can find all the details related to the event here
> Cheers!!!
> Yohann Thomas
> Executive Committee member
> Wikimedia India
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