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> As Wikipedians, I'm not sure how many support Net Neutrality, but as
Netizens I'm sure most of them are supporting Net Neutrality.

I'd certainly like to use {citation needed} here, but let's give it a pass
for now ;)

> I do recollect how Wikipedia helped protest against SOPA and PIPA. I
think this kind of protest will help the maximum community of Netizens as
whole. Also, as Indian Wikipedians, we would grab some eyballs which would
have impact on contributions to Wikimedia projects as well.

Firstly, SOPA/PIPA is not equal to net neutrality debate going on in India.
Secondly, sopa/pipa was for the US where WMF is registered and run the
servers from.

And "grab some eyeballs" is certainly not a justification to run site wide
banners misguiding people.
What sort of impact on contributions are you even suggesting of getting out
from this? Do you even have any statistics on the rise of number of
contributions on Wikimedia projects after sopa blackout?

> I think Wikipedia, especially the English community should initiate a
discussion on how the community and contribute to create an impact in

Sure, allow the internet to penetrate the Indian market.

> Please note: Wikipedia Zero and Airtel Zero (just as an example) is all
together a different concept; where the first focuses on on giving
educational right to individuals and later to promote business of their
partners by various means (speeding their partners site, slowing down
competitors site and so on).

I certainly need citation here, which telecom company has slowed down the
competitors site? If they want to speed their partners site, they certainly
could, because its their private property. Also these providers fear the
impact of loosing a customer segment if they start fast laning select sites
and services only.

> "Just imagine a day a paid encyclopedia loads faster in all ISPs then
Wikipedia." Do we want to see such a day?

Seriously? Wikipedia is where it is today because of the successful
disruptive model, everyone (I assume) knows this! Can you even name one
encyclopedia and one isp who would even think to implement what you wrote
above? If any telecom company even did so, they sure would be running out
of business.

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