On Sat, 30 May 2015 09:54:31 Manoj Khurana <he...@manojkhurana.com> wrote:
> Hi Kartik.
> We are thankful to you for your efforts in installation of this utility on
> hiwiki. However, please note that translation part is not working over
> there. Kindly check.

Hi Manoj,

If you mean 'Machine Translation' - currently no support of Machine
Translation available for Indic languages (except Hindi <-> Urdu,
which is yet to deploy!).

However, you can use the tool to 'translate' from any languages (all
available Wikipedia) with lots of features like,
- Automated links, images, references adaption
- Automated categories adaption (If category exists in target wiki.
Please make sure to link categories in Wikidata for your language!)
- Ability to save translation and work on it later.
- Upcoming: Better link adaption support, automatic wikidata link
adaption, better reference support etc...

Many languages we deployed has no Machine Translation support, and
they have created articles already :)

We're open to any feedback, bugs, feature request and criticism.
Please let us know!

Kartik Mistry/કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી | IRC: kart_
{kartikm, 0x1f1f}.wordpress.com

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