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> On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM, Ashwin Baindur
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> > Request the views of more editors on this proposal. Guys, Santanu took
> > the trouble to give us a detailed proposal, at least lets do him the
> > courtesy of giving our views, whatever these may be.
> I went through the proposal in small chunks primarily to think through
> this. I am not an editor and so the views may or, may not be relevant.
> In no particular order, here are a few comments.
> [+] The proposal states "The main purpose of Wikipedia Treks Kalindi
> Khal is to increase the material related to Himalayan Range with a
> free license in Wikimedia Commons and improve the quality and increase
> the amount of articles about diversifying Garhwal Himalayan mountain
> range and other respective variety in different languages in
> Wikipedia. Also to raise awareness among various community chapters,
> motivate them to contribute to the Wikimedia projects and organize
> this kind of trekking expedition in future."
> This is in fact 3 specific objectives - (a) collect material on the
> region covered by this trek; (b) generate awareness within the
> chapters; (c) establish the feasibility of a similar activity by
> accruing more value than consumed
> [+] The proposal states "Currently this project is focused on Global
> south region which will Improve editor diversity by recruiting new
> editors from this particular target group."
> But doesn't specifically mention the target group or, the methodology
> of recruiting new editors
> [+] "Trekking or hiking is extremely well liked adventure sports
> through the globe and it will be enormously easier to find like-minded
> open source and free knowledge organizations and initiatives with whom
> we can collaborator with"
> A few examples of such organizations would have been a good thing to
> have at this point. Primarily to estimate the willingness of the said
> organizations to contribute to knowledge under a free (or, liberal)
> license. Anecdotal experience indicates that organizations have their
> own rationale and quirks when engaging in collaborative ventures and
> prior handshakes are required to ensure specific outcomes
> [+] "This Wikipedia Treks Kalindi Khal will be the first major public
> activity of its kind and will be pivotal in the increased uptake of
> Wikimedia projects by the populace of the extreme lands in India."
> The simplest question for this line of reasoning is "How?". "Extreme
> lands" would indicate a set of constraints that are unique and perhaps
> primary among those being the awareness of the utility value of
> Wikipedia itself. The proposal does not go on to elaborate how it is
> planned to be addressed
> [+] "This team of WTM comprises total nine members; among them three
> wikipedians and a female wikipedian volunteer is involved. We expect
> another three non wikipedian experienced trek member to be converted
> into volunteers.
> After the completion of trek, there will be three edit-a-thons, for
> new editors, where they will be educated with proper guidance,
> follow-up and mentorship."
> It would be nice to have a draft idea of what can be documented. This
> can be in the form of stub pages which can be filled out later during
> the edit-a-thons or, an assessment of the gaps in the existing content
> around the region to be covered by the trek thus creating a handy
> guide to what needs to be added. This pre-expedition exercise could
> also serve as a metric of success of such ventures
> [+] "Wikimedia Commons has an insignificant representation of
> mountains and peaks along with the species, flora and fauna in the
> complete Himalayan range. The available images are of moderate to
> acceptable quality. Wikipedia Treks Kalindi Khal aims to improve the
> coverage of the Himalayan range by encouraging people (including
> professional photographers) to take and donate quality images under
> free licenses to the Wikimedia Commons database."
> The proposal does not mention whether the current team does comprise
> of individuals who are proficient in skills of photography and would
> contribute (not 'donate') images of higher resolution and greater
> variety to Commons
> [+] "Increasing Wikimedia's participation in the remotest places (Mana
> Village, the last village of India) is one of the salient points of
> Wikipedia Treks Kalindi Khal. Garhwal Himalaya is crucial to this
> objective, as a key hub for the whole range of Himalaya. Since the
> Internet penetrations in these areas are low, the end results will be
> less satisfactory. Henceforth, the initial impact will increase
> awareness."
> And again, "How?" The proposal misses an unique opportunity to provide
> creative solutions while attempting to increase awareness of Wikipedia
> (and related projects) in areas that are mostly off-the-internet.
> Also, if the awareness campaign is successful, what are the planned
> next steps which can be looked into?
> [+] "Encourage Innovation"
> This specific topic could do with a revisit. The current shape of the
> content does not indicate any innovating practices or, approaches.
> /s
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