I am not a member of the Wikimedia India Chapter although I am very much
interested in seeing it function as a mature organization. I suppose that
Wikimedia Chapters from around the world have evolved a set of best
practices and have ensured that these are shared somewhere. These ideas
will probably make the requirements of chapters a little more than just the
minimum legal requirements involved in maintaining the status of a legal
entity according to the laws of the lands in which the chapters operate.

I raise this point as a rank outsider because there is a claim in a recent
project proposal that it has been "endorsed" by the Wikimedia India
Chapter. My expectation then is that this has been given due diligence,
discussed by all members and the summary/minutes/transcripts made public.
Even ideas on Wikipedia that do not involve any money go through a greater
amount of (not to mention transparent) discussion than what we see here and
it seems to me that some of these basic discussion procedures that we take
for granted as part of the spirit of Wikipedia should be compulsory for
organizations associated with the WMF.

Would be very happy to be proved wrong here.

best wishes
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