Sorry, it's today (19 September) at 3 pm. The mail hit the mailbox late.

On 19 September 2015 at 06:58, Subhashish Panigrahi <>

> Dear all,
> We're planning to celebrate "Software Freedom Day" in Bengaluru tomorrow.
> This wasn't planned before and it is such a short notice for you all. We
> would keep it an open discussion related to software freedom, free software
> policy lobbying and what each of us could do in our
> individual/organizational capacity to take free software to more users. We
> could also do a small sprint to install or share details about free
> software tools for those who are interested. The registration page is here:
> We'd take the event details to an Wiki soon. Please bear with the very
> quick last minute update, sincere apologies. Please do see if you could
> take some time out after all your scheduled commitments and join. :)
> Those who cannot make it could wave on social media with the hash
> #sfd2015SFD.
> best,
> Subha
> @subhapa

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