We welcome you to place a bid for hosting WikiConference India 2016.
The bid consists of two rounds. The first round will be a simple round
to encourage participation. The aim of the first round is to confirm
the local community support and strength. The first 5 qualifying
cities of the first round will participate in the second and final
round of bidding with an elaborate plan.

First Round Bidding Criteria

City and proposed venue. This city should have at least a domestic airport.

Wikimedia signatures of active Wikimedia projects editors who commit
to be involved in organizing this in your city

Link to any Wikimedia project village pump where the bid has been
approved with community consensus (not mandatory but highly

Proposed overall budget to conduct an event with 500 registered
participants (including the accommodation cost for 100 scholarship
recipients for 3 days).

Prior experience conducting similar event(s)

Please place your bids here before 18th October 2015 11:59 PM IST.

Please do indicate the names and contact details of two people from
whom any clarifications or queries can be sought regarding your city
bid. Please do note that bids need to be supported by consensus from
the community and the link to the discussion where this is forthcoming
may please be indicated.


WCI 2016 Volunteers

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