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Subject: Just say no to TPP

Creative Commons
After five years of secret negotiations between governments and corporate
lobbyists, the public has finally seen the text of the Trans-Pacific
Partnership (TPP), and the details are bad.

The provisions covering intellectual property directly threaten the public
interest and the commons. We believe the TPP should be rejected, and we need
everyone opposed to this attack on the commons to stand with us.

Add your name to oppose the TPP!

The TPP increases the term of copyright an additional 20 years for half of
participating countries. This makes no sense. Copyright already lasts far
longer than is necessary—life of the author plus 50 years in most parts of

And extending copyright has real costs. New Zealand estimates that
copyright will cost the public $55 million per year. In Canada, it could
$100 million per year.

The public is losing out when millions of creative works are kept locked up
under copyright instead of rising into the public domain, where they can be
used freely by anyone.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard. The participating governments
have to decide whether to ratify it.

We think the TPP should be rejected. Do you agree?

Only a groundswell of opposition can stop the TPP, and it starts with your
signature and comments against the harmful TPP. Sign today!

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