Some friends working on ecology, livelihoods and other matters of concern
in the central Himalayas recently got in touch with me seeking to conduct
an introductory workshop on Wikipedia, its sister projects and possibly
other participatory digital community resources that would be of interest
to the local community. Boddhisatwa and I will be collaborating with the
host organization Himal Prakriti and we would like to invite any other
interested participants to join in this project. Since planning takes time
we need confirmations before the 15th of February 2016. Additional
information is on the meta page - questions of a public nature are best
asked there - confirmed participants will need to get in touch with
Boddhisattwa or me )email us off the list) as we will need to be able to
coordinate rapidly. Others who may not be able to be there are also welcome
to shape the workshop and its possibilities.

best wishes
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