On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Abhinav Srivastava
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> Advisory council would be a panel of experts with different expertise and
> connections with whom WE the chapter could rely on to get specific advice.
> However, They are not a "committee" in the usual sense to discuss all issues
> together and provide consensus.

From the document:

"The advisory board would not have any fixed size , but it is prefered
that it consist of 4-8 members.One member
would be an individual having an international experience in working
with the Wikimedia organisation. The next
group of these members would be individuals who were the founding
members of the Chapter. The last group of
members would be individuals having experience across four different
fields such as legal, information
technology, government regulation, administrative experience, etc."

The (proposed?) composition seems peculiarly skewed towards
individuals with institutional memory.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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