import pywikibot
from pywikibot import proofreadpage

site = pywikibot.Site('ta','wikisource')
page = pywikibot.Page(site, u"Page:"<pagename>)
text = page.text

pa = proofreadpage.ProofreadPage(page)

pa.text = pa.text.replace('level="1"','level="3"')"demo")


When I ran the above code now,

It gives the following error.

Run the following code.

it shows the following error.

ERROR: editpage: unknown failure reason {u'edit': {u'result': u'Failure',
u'notallowed': u'\u0b87\u0ba8\u0bcd\u0ba4
\u0ba8\u0bbf\u0bb2\u0bc8\u0baf\u0bc8 \u0bae\u0bbe\u0bb1\u0bcd\u0bb1
\u0b89\u0bb0\u0bbf\u0bae\u0bc8 \u0b87\u0bb2\u0bcd\u0bb2\u0bc8'}}
WARNING: Page [[Page:x?r?nxc? mlrx.pdf/100]] not saved

on running on jupyter,

ERROR: editpage: unknown failure reason {'edit': {'result': 'Failure',
'notallowed': 'you
dont have permissions to change the proof read status of this

The above error happens for my account and my friend account with sysop

But we can manually change the proof read page quality status.

What may be the reason?

Help to solve this.



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