We have not received any offers to help with translation yet. I have set up
this page for co-ordinating translations:

Rohini Lakshané
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2016-07-16 16:44 GMT+05:30 Rohini Lakshané <rohini.laksh...@gmail.com>:

> The Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policy for WikiConference India are
> now closed for comments.
> The final version is available at:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiConference_India_2016/Code_of_Conduct
> We request all participants and members of the organising teams to
> familiarise themselves with the CoC and policy. This code of conduct
> applies to the main event, pre-conference and post-conference events,
> auxiliary tracks to the main event such as fireside chats, and online
> components of the conference such as video conferences, IRC rooms, and
> mailing lists.
> We also urgently need help with translating the document into different
> Indian languages before the start of WikiConference India.
> -- Rohini
> (On behalf of the WCI Diversity and Inclusion team)
> Rohini Lakshané
> about.me/rohini
> [image: Rohini Lakshané on about.me]
>   <http://about.me/rohini>
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