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Katherine Maher recently made a visit to India to attend The WikiConference
India 2016. Post Conference, Katherine made a visit to New Delhi and met
few external partners. A synopsis of these meetings have been described

1.) Meeting with Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi: At 11 AM, this Monday, Mr
Manish Siosdia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi) had an interaction with the
Wikimedians. The Delhi Government is all ready to roll out education
programs in the Delhi region, in fact, to help us resolve our gender gap
issues, Delhi Government would help us focus more on women's colleges at
the initial stage. The Delhi Government has also expressed its intent to
conduct a Wiki-activity in Indian languages on M.K. Gandhi in September
month, such that Delhi Government could further facilitate (small
souvenirs) the contributors on 2nd October as a part of the M.K. Gandhi's
birthday celebration. Delhi Government is also looking at possible
interventions where GLAM activities could be undertaken. Incorporating
WIkimedia projects under Delhi Government's free-public wifi scheme has
also been proposed.

The meeting was arranged by Wikimedia India and attended by Katherine Maher
along with Wikimedia India EC's (Yohann Thomas, Sanket Oswal, Abhinav

2.) DIETY Meeting : At 1 AM, Wikimedians met Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Joint
Secretary. Government of India, Department of Electronics and Information
Technology at this office in Delhi. The talks centered around bringing
DIETY newsletter under open license, a collaboration between Government of
India and WMIN + CIS-A2K over government's vikaspedia, drawing attention to
Indian language content to be released under Creative Commons,
Collaboration with the ministry towards making the government websites
include better and accurate language content, etc.

The meeting was arranged by CIS-A2K and attended by Katherine Maher along
with CIS-A2K staff (Tanveer Hasan) and Wikimedia India EC's (Sanket Oswal,
Abhinav Srivastava).

3.) Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Meeting : At 5.30 PM. Wikimedians met
Dr Ramesh Gaur (Head Libarary- JNU) and Dr Anup Das (Documentation
Officer). JNU will be opening up its central repository of thesis (almost
22,000 units, including PhDs, M.Phil and Master's Program) under open
access. JNU will be assisting us in providing journal articles to our
editors for use on Wikipedia. 'One Lib One Ref" workshop at JNU would also
be conducted in JNU shortly (maybe in September). JNU also has shown its
intent at digitization Dr B.R. Ambedkar's writing under the Hindi
Wikisource. Further collaborations during seminars at JNU on Wikisource
projects would also be taken up.

The meeting was arranged by Wikimedia India and attended by Katherine Maher
along with Wikimedia India EC's (Sanket Oswal, Abhinav Srivastava) and
CIS-A2K staff (Tanveer Hasan).

Wikimedia India takes this opportunity to thank CIS-A2K team for working
with us. Both institutions look forward to materialize these developments

Srivastava Abhinav
Executive Committee Member|Wikimedia India
Ph - +91-9711739003|Skype: abhinavsrivastava619
Wiki Username - abhinav619
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