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Invites you to a talk on:

*Human Knowledge: An Evolutionary Perspective*
{INSA Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal (Animal Sciences) 2015 Lecture}

*Speaker:* Prof. Madhav Gadgil
*Day and Date:* Thursday 11th August 2016
*Time:* 5:00 pm
*Venue:* CCS Seminar Hall, IISc

Tea/Coffee will be served at 4.30 pm

All are cordially invited

*Abstract:* Life is an information-based, cooperative enterprise, evolving
organisms capable of continually handling {1} greater quantities {2} of
increasingly more complex information {3} ever more effectively. Social
animals have taken this to new heights, with humans surpassing them all
thanks to our language abilities, and capacity to elaborate an enormous
diversity of memes, ranging over mythologies to scientific knowledge.
Knowledge has grown through interplay of seeking after truth, monopolizing
knowledge and telling calculated lies; science has succeeded in ensuring
its truly progressive evolution by promoting diversity amongst knowledge
elements and a regime of selection that ensures objective validity and
internal consistency.

*-------------------------------------------------Centre for Contemporary
StudiesIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012.*

*(Near Health Centre).Phone: 91-80-2360 6559, *
*2293 2486Chair: Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar*
*email: <>*
*URL: <>*
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