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Please find below the Monthly report of WMIN for July 2016.
You can find this report on our Wikimedia India page here -


*Membership drive completed for the year 2016 - 2017*
Membership drive for the year 2016-17 was successfully completed. Another
drive will happen in the WikiConference India scheduled on 5th-7th August
2016 for the attendees of the conference


*India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016*

Wikimedia India is organizing an online edit-a-thon to celebrate the
success of Indian sportsmen at the Olympics

*Announcement for Commencement of India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016*

   - Announcement for Commencement of India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon
   2016 <
   - As a mark of respect and paying tribute to Indian athletes and
   sportsperson who represent India at Olympics, Wikimedia India comes forward
   with an edit-a-thon to celebrate the success of Indian sportsmen. These are
   a list of articles Wikimedia India is planning to create/improve <
   - A mix of patriotism & pride amongst the Wikipedians for India & its
   team will ensure that the Indian athletes will get Wikipedia articles that
   they really deserve.
   - Wikimedia India has also reached out to the organizers of Wiki Loves
   the Olympics <>
   to ensure that good images clicked by the participants in the competition
   are featured in the articles written in our edit-a-thon.

*Signing of MOUs for India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016*

   - For Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016, 2 MoUs were signed with Niyogi
   Books & Sankalp Taru for the awards. Please find more about them Here <

*Delhi Meetup-13*

   - After being inactive for more than 2 years, WMIN has an aim to
   reactivate the Delhi community & start having regular Delhi meetups.
      - Such a meetup was planned on 30th July 2016. Find the event page
      here <>
      - Inspite of the heavy rains in Delhi, Wikipedians from the city were
      able to meet & strategize for the future.

*Proposals by Wikimedia India at WikiConference India 2016*

   - Wikimedia India submitted 3 proposals for Presenting in WikiConference
      - Edit-a-thon : Rio Olympics 2016  <
      - Wiki Loves Earth in India 2016 <
      - How Projects can unite & shape communities <
   -  Participation in other discussions & Presentations
      - Panel Discussion - Organizational Dynamics in the Wikimedia
      movement in India <
      - Presentation – Creative Program Design: create the programs you
      need for your local community <

*Planning & arranging of meetings with Institutions & Media for Katherine
Maher in New Delhi*

Wikimedia India is Planning & arranging meetings with Government
bodies,Institutions & various Media outlets when she visits New Delhi after
attending WikiConference India 2016
Jointly planned along with CIS-A2K, Wikimedia India aims that the visit by
Katherine Maher to India,should give a much required boost to the various
organizational partnerships being planned by Wikimedia India.

*Featured Wikimedian of the month*

*Featured Wikimedian for July*

Raju Suthar  is one of the most active Wikipedians on the Hindi Wikipedia.
He started editing in January 2015 & with help from senior Hindi
wikipedians, within 2 months he reached an edit count of 3,000.Currently he
has an edit count of 6,500+ with almost 750 articles created to his name.
The real story behind this truly inspiring Wikipedian lies in his humble
background. Rarely having any access to a laptop, almost all of his edits
have been done through a mobile phone ([ Samsung Galaxy S5610]).
Editing on his phone whenever he gets time,raju while sharing his
experience has confessed that editing through a mobile phone was very
difficult, due to which he regrets that the contributions which he has made
to Wikipedia is not enough and wants to do more for the community & his
language. With Hindi having one of the lowest Editors per million speakers,
Raju says that Hindi Wikipedia is not growing as fast as some of the other
Indic Languages, due to which his primary aim is to see that the community
grows to its full Potential. He likes writing articles on Topics related to
Cricket, his home state of Rajasthan & its history.

*WikiConference India 2016 (WCI 2016)*

   - Registrations are open < ] for
   WikiConference India 2016>
   - Punjab Edit-a-thon : WikiConference India 2016-An edit-a-thon is being
   conducted with an aim to create or improve articles related to Punjab. This
   edit-a-thon is a part of WikiConference India 2016.This will be our gift
   for the Chandigarh team which is hosting us for the conference. The
   community that adds most number of words or bytes to the articles will be
   awarded a trophy during the conference!
   - Final list of Scholarship recipients finalized & published. Please
   find the list Here <
   - Submission list finalized & applicants have been informed. Please find
   the Program list Here < Here>
      - Also the Programs team has finalized the Presenter Guidelines <[>
      , which has to be followed by all the presenters.
   - The Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policy for WikiConference India
   ha been completed. This is the Final version <
   - WCI 2016 Hackathon survey - In the upcoming Wikiconference India a
   hackathon session will be conducted. The aim of the hackathon is to attempt
   to provide technical support to Indic Wikimedia communities - Please find a
   link to the survey Here <
   - A WikiWomen's Lunch at WikiConference India 2016 will be organized on
   August 6, 2016 at conference lunch hour (1 p.m. to 2 p.m.). Interested ppl
   can sign up <

*Other Activities & News in India*

*Wiki Loves Butterfly (WLB)*
Wiki Loves Butterfly (WLB) <>  project- On 28th
July, the WLB team is going to start its second phase of pictorial
documentation (Field work) of the available seasonal species and variety of
butterflies along with their behavioral pattern in Jayanti, Alipurduar,
North Bengal.India. Currently, the team is developing articles(in Bengali
Language) about the butterflies found in the first phase. There are total
25 articles in Bengali developed in 3 months time where three of the users
are new. Total number of images contributed in commons is 377 till date.

*Wiki Loves Ratha Jatra*
This year, a few Wikimedians from Puri are documenting the process of
building the  ratha (chariot) making . They are also uploading every phase
of  the building process on Wikimedia Common. Many of the images have been
already uploaded and a lot more are going to uploaded in the due course of
time. All this is uploaded on the Category:Wiki Loves Ratha Jatra <>
You can see the pictures in the project category : <>

*Indian Women in Science Editathon*
Indian Women in Science Editathon <>
conducted on 16 July 2016 in CES, IISc, Bangalore

*17th Kolkata Wikipedia Meetup*
17th Kolkata Wikipedia Meetup <> was
organized on 9 July,2016 at Academy of Fine Arts 2, Cathedral Rd, Maidan,

*O**pen call for Project Grant proposals*

   - Project Grants will replace Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) and
   Project & Event Grants (PEG).
   - This is the new [
   Project Grants Page]
   - Please feel free to get in touch with Alex Wang(
   or Marti Johnson ( with questions about getting
   started with your project.

*In the Media*

   - Wikipedia’s redesigned app recommends content to read on the go <> July
   29, 2016
   - Wikipedias-seven-worst-moments < >
   July 05, 2016
   - Closing Wikipedia’s Gender Gap  <>
   July 28, 2016
   - Wikipedia content translation tool<>
   July 28, 2016
   - Increasing visibility of Indian women in science <>
   July 12, 2016
   - Spotlight-on-women-scientists <
   Spotlight-on-women-scientists> July 17, 2016

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