And, from point of view of underdeveloped wikis (almost all Indic wikis),
its not just doing our bit to highlight the achievement, but its also an
opportunity to rope in more and more people towards wiki, as online search
will immediately rise, and keeping the article in good shape will help in
re-visits of readers and eventually some of them becoming editors.

So, its utmost necessary to update these articles on especially on all
Indic Wikis.

Regards and all the best.

On Aug 18, 2016 9:50 PM, "Abhinav Srivastava" <abhinav.srivastava@wikimedia.
in> wrote:

> Hi,
> Today, Pusarla Venkata Sindhu from India has advanced into the finals of
> Women's Badminton Single at Rio Olympics 2016. Sakshi Malik also won a
> Bronze medal today in the 58kg wrestling category.
> I urge everyone to create and expand articles on them in every Wikipedia
> language. As Wikipedians lets do our bit to highlight the achievements of
> our Indian Women.
> Post Script : The India at Rio Olympics 2016 Edit a Thon is already in
> progression. You may find more details here
> <>.
> Thanks
> On 4 July 2016 at 16:47, Abhinav Srivastava <abhinav.srivastava@wikimedia.
> in> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> As you all remain aware the world's biggest sporting event 'The Olympics'
>> is set to knock the door, this August. At present, 111 athletes from India
>> have qualified, the largest ever contingent. More than 311 National
>> Coaching Camps have been held across India as a part of their
>> pre-tournament preparation. To celebrate this sporting festival we at
>> Wikimedia India have decided to promote a virtual-edit-a-ton.
>> During the primary research, It was observed that a lot many areas on
>> Indian Sports and 'India at Olympics' for which no article exist. Even if
>> they do, there presence on Indian languages remain negligible. Considering
>> this event would be in progression soon, we have decided to promote this
>> activity. A draft note could be found here
>> <>
>> although this is still in the development stage.
>> While working on Olympics we have made attempts to promote virtual
>> edit-a-ton on a different theme altogether, we also decided to make the
>> awards different. For every 15 good articles created by an editor,
>> Wikimedia India would be planting trees on their behalf in their name
>> symbolising '*Wikipedia* *India Supports India at Olympics, tree planted
>> by Wikipedian......*'. Considering tree plantation involves significant
>> time and human labour, we have partnered with a tree plantation
>> organisation SankalpTaru <>. They would be
>> our sponsors for this event. Pomegranate trees in Barmer, Thar Desert
>> Rajasthan would be planted. These trees will be planted on a rural farmer's
>> land who would further nurture these trees under the supervision of
>> SankalpTaru. Once the harvest starts, the local inhabitants would start
>> earning livelihood by selling fruits (based on the consent of Wikipedia who
>> is awarded the respective tree).  A virtual forest could also be monitored
>> online here. <>  This is a novel idea of
>> English Wikipedian Mr. Rudra Pratap Sinha (User:JimCarter)
>> <>. Wikimedia India is
>> further bringing this this idea into practice, more information here
>> <http:///>.
>> Besides this, we are happy to inform, Niyogi
>> <> Books has decided to sponsor the
>> biography of Mr. Prakash Padukone, 'Prakash Padukone Story'  <http:///>and
>> Sir Sunil Gavaskar, 'Cricket's Little Master'
>> <>. Every participants who
>> completes 15 good articles would also be awarded a book.
>> We plan to roll out this event between 29th July, 2016 and 25th August,
>> 2016. In the meantime we request you all to please provide suggestions on
>> how to make this event effective.
>> *Disclaimer : This event is totally a zero-budget exercise.*
>> Thanks
>> --
>> Srivastava
>> Executive Committee Member|Wikimedia India
>> Ph - +91-9711739003|Skype: abhinavsrivastava619
>> Wiki Username - abhinav619
> --
> Srivastava Abhinav
> Executive Committee Member|Wikimedia India
> Ph - +91-9711739003|Skype: abhinavsrivastava619
> Wiki Username - abhinav619
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