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Please find below the Monthly Report of Wikimedia India for the Month of
August. This also contains an program report of WikiConference India-2016
held in Chandigarh on 5th,6th & 7th August 2016
You can also find this on the reports section of Wikimedia India here -

Events India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016

Wikimedia India is organizing the India at Rio Olympics edit-a-thon 2016
to celebrate the success of Indian sportsmen at the Olympics. The Event has
been in progression all throughout August & many articles were created and
improved. Currently more than 600 articles have been created ( stats to be
published later). Find the full list of articles to be created & improved
The event intends to end on 18th September when Paralympics Games 2017 end.
Wiki Loves Earth in India 2016

The results for Wiki Loves Earth in India 2016 were announced in August.
With over 32,000+ images uploaded for the competition by 6,000+
Contributors, the competition saw a phenomenal response from India.Thanks
to all the hardwork put by the Volunteers
& the Jury was what that made this competition a success.

Three Jury from three different diversified fields were invited

   - Ashish Kothari
   - Santosh Shingare
   - Souradeep Ghosh

You can find the Jury Biopic Here

Top 10 images as selected by the Jury

   - File:Nirar Anai.jpg

This Picture is taken behind Nirar Dam at Valparai, Tamil nadu overlooking
the beautiful Annamalai R.F division (Indra Gandhi Wildlife Reserve) by

   - File: Grey Horn Bill.jpg

Grey horn bill with its favourite fruit by User: Mithan B M

   - File:Can it or not.jpg

A green Bee-eater trying to catch a bee by User:ARIJIT MONDAL

   - File:The burning mountain.jpg

Mount Kanchenjunga seen from by User:Yoghya

   - File:A Morning in Chandratal.jpg

A Morning in Chandratal by User:Mahendra Pal Singh

   - File: Elephas maximus indicusCorbett.jpg

An Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) taking a dust bath at the
Banks of the Ramganga River in Jim Corbett National park by User:Tanmay

   - File: Demoiselle cranes in Khichan near Bikaner (Rajasthan).jpg

Beautiful Demoiselle cranes migrate from Mongolia to Khichan near Bikaner
(Rajasthan) by User:ANKITNARANG297

   - File: Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (ODKF).jpg

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher at Shiravali by User:P Subramanya C K

   - File:Changu or Tsomgo Lake.jpg

Changu or Tsomgo Lake is at located at the east of Sikkim & at a very high
altitude by User:Sudhanshu Gupta

   - File:When the big cat turned to my camera!.jpg

Bengal Tiger posing for the camera by User:NIKHIL CHAMARTY Wiki Loves
Monument Overview

Wiki Loves Monuments
<> is a
global photo competition that takes place generally in September. Wikimedia
India would officially be organising this competition in India.

The aim of the contest is to ask the general public—readers and users of
Wikipedia, photographers, hobbyists, etc.—to take pictures of cultural
heritage monuments and upload them to Wikimedia Commons for use on
Wikipedia and its other sister projects. <>

Call for Volunteers

The Wiki Loves Monument Team invites Wikimedians to be associated in the
event as volunteers under different categories Jury Team Cultural
Partnership Team Press, Media and Outreach Team Technical Team Heritage
Walk Team Volunteer Coordinator
Rapid Grant

Rapid Grant worth INR 1,35,000 was submitted and subsequently approved by
the Wikimedia Foundation. <>

Planning of Visit of Katherine Maher to India

Wikimedia India was involved in the finalization of Agenda for visit of
Katherine Maher & planning of her meetings with media & Organizations for
Future Partnerships Post Conference, Katherine made a visit to New Delhi
and met few external partners. A synopsis of these meetings has been
described below.
Meeting with Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi

On 8th August, 11 AM, Mr Manish Siosdia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi)
had an interaction with the Wikimedians. The Delhi Government is all ready
to roll out education programs in the Delhi region, in fact, to help us
resolve our gender gap issues, Delhi Government would help us focus more on
women's colleges at the initial stage. The Delhi Government has also
expressed its intent to conduct a Wiki-activity in Indian languages on M.K.
Gandhi in September month, such that Delhi Government could further
facilitate (small souvenirs) the contributors on 2nd October as a part of
the M.K. Gandhi's birthday celebration. Delhi Government is also looking at
possible interventions where GLAM activities could be undertaken.
Incorporating WIkimedia projects under Delhi Government's free-public wifi
scheme has also been proposed. The meeting was arranged by Wikimedia India
and attended by Katherine Maher along with Wikimedia India EC's (Yohann
Thomas, Sanket Oswal, Abhinav Srivastava).
Department of Electronics and Information Technology Meeting

On 8th August,1 PM, Wikimedians met Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Joint Secretary.
Government of India, Department of Electronics and Information Technology
at this office in Delhi. The talks centered around bringing DIETY
newsletter under open license, a collaboration between Government of India
and WMIN + CIS-A2K over government's vikaspedia, drawing attention to
Indian language content to be released under Creative Commons,
Collaboration with the ministry towards making the government websites
include better and accurate language content, etc. The meeting was arranged
by CIS-A2K and attended by Katherine Maher along with CIS-A2K staff
(Tanveer Hasan) and Wikimedia India EC's (Sanket Oswal, Abhinav
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Meeting

On 8th August,5.30 PM. Wikimedians met Dr Ramesh Gaur (Head Libarary- JNU)
and Dr Anup Das (Documentation Officer). JNU will be opening up its central
repository of thesis (almost 22,000 units, including PhDs, M.Phil and
Master's Program) under open access. JNU will be assisting us in providing
journal articles to our editors for use on Wikipedia. 'One Lib One Ref"
workshop at JNU would also be conducted in JNU shortly (maybe in
September). JNU also has shown its intent at digitization Dr B.R.
Ambedkar's writing under the Hindi Wikisource. Further collaborations
during seminars at JNU on Wikisource projects would also be taken up. The
meeting was arranged by Wikimedia India and attended by Katherine Maher
along with Wikimedia India EC's (Sanket Oswal, Abhinav Srivastava) and
CIS-A2K staff (Tanveer Hasan).
WikiConference India 2016 (WCI 2016)

The WikiConference India 2016
<> was conducted
on August 5,6,7 in Mohali, Punjab. The conference happened after a gap of
five years, last conference was held in Mumbai 2011.

   - Wiki Conference India started on an exceptional note with the signing
   of an MoU
   between CIS-A2K,Wikimedia India Punjabi Wikimedians User group with the
   hosts of the Event, Chandigarh Group of Colleges with plans to start an
   education program there

Conference Schedule

The Conference schedule was made by the Programs team.

   - Bodhisattwa <>
   - Chinmayi S K <>
   - Netha Hussain <>
   - Rohini Lakshané <>
   - Tito Dutta <>
   - User:Shyamal <>

The Programs Schedule was made by first inviting submissions
from the community.Then they were shortlisted by the Programs team & the
final list of speakers were informed on their talk page.
Chandigarh Hackathon

Chandigarh Hackathon Group Photo
The Hackathon at the WikiConference India was organized by Santosh Shingare
. The Hackathon organized in parallel track with other programs of the
Conference. It closed with 7 applications, which are all useful to the

   - WikiSpeak  : (Web Application + Android Mobile application).WikiSpeak
   lets you search text on Wikipedia at just one click and reads aloud that
   text for you. Source code Link (Web Application) : Github : Source code Link (Android
   Application) : Github :
   - Edit Tamil Wiktionary (Tamil community request) : - (Android
   application) This is a utility application for any wikipedian who has title
   of the page and its content in a spreadsheet or document. The user will
   have to convert that document to .tsv which can easily be done using any
   Office suite.Source code link:
   - Audio file upload to WikiData (Punjabi community request)  : Wikipedia
   articles on google map : This is a web application to annotate Google Maps
   with location rich data.Source code link (web application) : Github : (Android
   application) Github: .
   - Communication platform (WebRTC) : Community can use this to talk or
   conference (Audio/video web conferencing application)Github :
   - Notification (Event based) : showing popup on event eg (If recent
   changes happen, It will show popup which article was updated) - The
   extension which is in its inital phase at Github:DesktopNotifications
   collects in live edit history from and shows up desktop
   notifications on edit for users


Lists of edit-a-thons which were planned for the event

   - Punjab Edit-a-thon
   - Edit-a-thon : Rio Olympics 2016
   - Maithili Wikipedia Edit-a-thon and Discussion
   - Malayalam Wikipedia Edit-a-thon and Discussion
   - Organic & Inorganic Growth of Wikipedias of South Asian Languages
   - Workshop and Edit-a-thon: Forensic Science

Wiki Women Lunch
Sessions & activities conducted by Wikimedia India at WikiConference India

   - Panel Discussion: Whither Wikimedia movement in India? Aims,
   activities, organizational dynamics and the Wikimedia movement in India -
   Discussion panel chaired by Ravishankar Ayyakkannu
   - Creative Program Design: create the programs you need for your local
   - Session: Wiki Loves Earth in India 2016
   - Tak: How Projects can unite & shape communities
   - Edit-a-thon: India at Rio Olympics 2016

Membership drive by Wikimedia India at WikiConference India 2016

Wikimedia India had a special booth at the conference where attendees were
coming & registering for membership. Close to 100 attendees signed up to
become member of Wikimedia India
SAARC Regional Wikimedian meeting

This meeting was in continuation with the past meetup done by Wikimedian
from the countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal & Pakistan in past
WikiConferences conducted by WMF in Berlin in 2015 & Wikimania Mexico. This
meetup consisted of members from members of Wikimedia Bangladesh, Wikimedia
India, Representatives of Wikimedia Nepal & Wikimedia Pakistan represented
by editors of Urdu Wikipedia Community. One of the ideas presented by the
attendees was to conduct a SAARC regional conference for Wikimedians. To
reach this goal, it was agreed to take a first step by setting up a Mailing
list amongst the chapters of the 4 countries
Other News

   - Tulu-language Wikipedia goes live

Tulu Wikipedia <> has finally gone live after
being in the Incubator for nine long years. Tulu is spoken by nearly 2
million speakers in the Mangaluru, Udupi and other South West regions of
the Indian state of Karnataka and in some places in the state of Kerala.
198 editors have contributed so far to make this happen. The project has
started seeing more activity since 2014 when the first ever community
meetup was organised in April , 2014. St. Aloysius College and St. Agnes
College, two educational institutions in Mangaluru, India have done a
commendable job in institutionalizing education programs and several
outreach programs for their students. Wikimedia India congratulates
everyone who have helped grow this project, the language committee and
other friends in the global communities who have supported and guided in
working towards the approval of the project.

   - Bangalore Meetup

A Bangalore Meetup was organized on 21st August 2016 at the CIS
office,Domlur. The Agenda for the conference included Wikiconference India
2016 experiences and learnings sharing, planning for Bangalore-based Wiki
activities & discussion on the India at Rio Olympics Edit-a-Thon organized
by Wikimedia India

   - Government of Tamil Nadu orders its departments and institutions to
   release content under CC-BY-SA

Tamil Development and Information Department of Government of Tamil Nadu
has issued a Government Order (Number: 105, Date: 01. 07. 2016) to Tamil
University, Thanjavur and all other government departments and institutions
to release all their publications, archives and collections under Creative
Commons by Share-Alike license. This Government Order has got the approval
from the TN Government's Legal Department and issued by the order of
Governor of Tamil Nadu. The order can be seen here
An English copy will be available soon. This order comes as part of the
public policy initiatives undertaken through the collaboration between
Global Tamil Wikimedia Community and Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA).The
community recognizes this as a significant milestone in spreading free
knowledge for the benefit of Tamils. :Wikimedia India hopes that this sets
a good precedent for all government institutions across the country.

   - OpenCon 2015 Ranchi

OpenCon is a platform for the next generation to learn about Open Access,
Open Education, and Open Data, develop critical skills, and catalyze action
toward a more open system of research and education. OpenCon 2016 will be
held in Washington DC on November 12-14, with satellite events around the
world. OpenCon satellite events held in partnership with the main
conference can be of any size, in any place, at any time and are open to
anyone. OpenCon 2016 Ranchi <>
is a satellite event which is organized by Sridar Gautam on 12th November

   - Kolkata meetup-13th August

Kolkata meetup was held on 13th August Wikimedia India Blog

   - The World’s Largest Democracy Meets The World’s Largest
   Encyclopedia-Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 India
   By Abhinav Srivastava Dated 27th Aug 16

In the Media

   - Carpenter crafts cyber content using ancient mobile
   *Business Standard*. *Free Press Journal
   *The Jodhpur Gazette
   <>*. *
   <>*. *
   *The Statesman
   *Business Standard
   *Eastern Mirror, Nagaland
   Aug 10, 2016.
   - How (not) to get started on Wikipedia, an 18-year-old's story
   *Business Standard*. *Financial Express
   * <>*.
   * <>*. Aug 8, 2016.
   - Wikipedia takes a bite… at Indian food and forts
   *Indian Express*. *Millennium Post
   <>*. *
   *New Indian Express
   *The Free Press Journal
   * (excerpt)
   Aug 8, 2016
   - Wikipedia gets 'taste of Indian food'
   *Indian Express*, Aug 8, 2016.
   - India’s 23rd regional Wikipedia, in Tulu, goes live
   Indian Express*, *
   <>*, *
   *The News
   *The Hindu
   *Debate on
   * (excerpt)
   <>*, *
   * (excerpt) <>*,
   * (excerpt)
   -- headline only
   *Bangladesh Sun <>*,
   Aug 6, 2016
   - Wikiconference India 2016: Wikipedia’s plans for growth in India are

WikiConference India-In the Media

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