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> Dear friends,
> First of all, apologies if this mail is not in your native language.
> This to share with you all that we have published on the jobs section of
> the CIS website [0] for the position of Programme Officer of the Access to
> Knowledge (CIS-A2K) programme. We would really appreciate if you can share
> with interested friends, colleagues and communities.
> Please let us know if there is any kind of changes needed. We will love to
> address any concerns or inputs.
> Best,
> Subhashish
> ----------
> The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) is seeking applications from
> prospective candidates who identify themselves as female, for the position
> of Programme Officer (Communications) , to support its Access to Knowledge
> (CIS-A2K) Programme.
> The job application is open to women only because we feel that a woman
> communications person will contribute more towards bridging the gender gap
> in the Wikimedia movement by emphasising on gender-sensitive communication
> apart from contributing internally for bringing a gender balance in the
> team. The position is full time and will be based in CIS’ Bengaluru office.
> Programme Officer will work closely with CIS-A2K Team (hereinafter Team)
> and would report to the Executive Director/any supervisor in Team.
> Position Summary:
> As a Programme Officer, your job will be to support the Team’s larger
> goals — growth of Indian-language Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects
> (hereinafter Wikimedia projects), and the contributor communities
> (hereinafter Community). Your primary responsibility will be to support the
> Programme Associates — that spearhead our on-ground programmatic activities
> -- with regular communications with the community and the world outside.
> Characteristics of the Programme Officer:
> * High level of commitment: The Programme Officer should believe in the
> values of CIS and Wikimedia projects, exude enthusiasm for the mission and
> can powerfully embody and communicate the mission.
> * Intellectual curiosity and flexibility: Must enjoy tackling difficult,
> ambiguous problems and able to incorporate new knowledge into how one
> approaches situations and generates solutions, loves learning from others
> while expanding intellectual horizons.
> * Open and transparent: Have a high level of integrity and be comfortable
> working in a highly transparent fashion, open to input and feedback, a
> proactive and candid communicator who wants people to know what s/he is
> doing and isn't afraid to bring others in when things are off-track or when
> you need help and should able to handle criticism in a mature fashion.
> * Community builder: It is essential that the Programme Officer sees
> herself/himself as a partner to and supporter of the Wikimedians who have
> and will continue to be the leaders in building the Wikimedia projects. The
> Programme Officer must be willing and able to work with a diverse array of
> people, many of whom come from non-traditional backgrounds and have a
> fervent commitment to Wikimedia movement’s community-led nature.
> * Strong cultural competency: Able to navigate in a global movement and on
> a global team in addition to navigating the complexity of India.
> * Partnership developer: Able to initiate, negotiate and operate
> partnerships that advance the Wikimedia mission in Indic languages and
> English (as relevant to India) with a wide range of institutions across the
> public, NGO, universities, philanthropic and private sector.
> * Willing to travel: The Programme Officer must regularly travel within
> India to engage with Wikimedia communities and partner with institutions.
> Responsibilities:
> * You will be responsible for the overall communications of Team that
> include storytelling in the form of interviews, blogs, opinion pieces in
> newspaper/other platforms, regular coverage in both Indian language and
> English media, and anything beyond.
> * You will be exploring widely from conventional to new media to spread
> the stories of the hundreds and thousands of volunteers that make the
> Indian-language Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects such great knowledge
> repositories.
> * Creating original stories of challenges and learning, and successes of
> Wikimedia community in general and the ones that we closely work with in
> particular.
> * Function as an interface between A2K team and the community, and help
> the team better work collaboratively with the community.
> * Sharing the work of the community and A2k team in a regular basis in the
> monthly newsletters and other places.
> * Providing training on effective communications to the communities in a
> need basis, and supporting them to independently tell their own stories in
> their own languages.
> * Announcement of programmatic activities in the form of announcements,
> blogs and reports, and microblogging (social media, etc.).
> * Interviewing Wikimedians under the ambit of the WikipediansSpeak [*]
> project and beyond, and share the story of the Wikimedia community widely
> in the media.
> Required Skills:
> * Graduate or masters in journalism/other media studies, law, or any other
> discipline with at least two-three years of professional experience with a
> strong track record of success in high performance organisations,
> preferably in non-profits.
> * Experience could be during studies or after, primarily in blogging,
> writing organisation reports, managing social media for organisations,
> interviewing and covering people’s stories in mainstream media.
> * Prior experience of working in a collaborative community, preferably and
> open one like Wikipedia and in online.
> * Good understanding of the basics of organisational programme design and
> management.
> * Strong understanding of the Internet and the forces that underpin the
> success of Wikipedia. Active participation as a Wikimedia volunteer would
> be an asset, though not a prerequisite (must be prepared to demonstrate
> knowledge of how Wikipedia works in interviews).
> * Experience working in a global, multicultural and diverse team
> environment will be preferred.
> * Must be fluent in English and at least in one Indian language.
> * A good understanding of the cultural and knowledge universe of the
> Indian language communities.
> * Ability to integrate and understand the complexity of the Indian
> language communities.
> Pluses:
> * Support India-focused initiatives to improve quality of India-relevant
> content and number of editors on Indian-language Wikimedia projects.
> * Support the growth of Indian-language Wikimedia communities and projects
> by designing and implementing community collaborations and partnerships
> projects – detailing rationale, aim and objective, execution, evaluation,
> timeline, resource investment, etc.
> * Spearhead CIS-A2K’s pilot projects.Identify institutions/groups that
> have ready-made content/archived material and aggregate available material
> in respective languages.
> * Create a network of state institutions, university departments,
> non-government organisations, academics, artists, researchers and Wikipedia
> community members that will work towards creating a repository of knowledge
> on specific themes by using Wikimedia projects as a platform.
> * Conduct initial meetings with the principal investigators from each of
> the shortlisted institutions and share project ideas.
> * Facilitate Wikimedia community involvement with the core network of
> institutions and principal investigators to collaboratively participate on
> specific content/area modules.
> * Create social media platforms for visibility of these projects and
> facilitate need-based technical and online support.
> * Conduct a series of Wikimedia outreach sessions for various nodes within
> the network.
> * Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of the pilot projects in
> progress.
> * Generate and document lessons from programme activities that can inform
> the work of Indian communities and similar programmes in other countries.
> * Provide ad hoc support to the Wikipedia community on all aspects of
> Indian languages as may be deemed necessary.
> Context of the CIS-A2K programme:
> As an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit behind
> Wikipedia and Wikipedia’s sister project, we design and implement different
> projects with an aim to create high quality content and cultivate new
> contributors to Wikimedia projects. The projects will be premised on themes
> and seek to create a multilingual repository of knowledge using Wikimedia
> projects as a knowledge platform. You are encouraged to deeply engage with
> the CIS-A2K work plan before making the application. You will work
> cohesively with the Wikimedia community and the Wikimedia India Chapter to
> meet specific goals of each language community in India. You will be a part
> of a small team of 5 to 10 doing high visibility and high impact work.
> Please note that we, at CIS, do not have any distinction,exclusion, or
> preference that is based on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion,
> political opinion, national extraction, social origin, which has the effect
> of nullifying or impairing equality of opportunity and treatment in
> employment. (adapted from Declaration ILO Geneva [3])
> Location: The position is based out of the CIS’s Bangalore office.
> Remuneration: Compensation structure will be determined by the level of
> expertise, experience and current remuneration.
> To apply, please send your resume along with a covering letter and at
> least three references to Tanveer Hasan (tanv...@cis-india.org) by
> October 20, 2016.
> Notes:
> 0. http://cis-india.org/jobs/cis-a2k-programme-officer
> 1. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CIS-A2K/Reports/Newsletter
> 2. WikipediansSpeak is an initiative to bring the voices of Wikipedians to
> the world and include interviews in various media, both multimedia and
> text-based narratives and beyond. More in the project page <
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikipediansSpeak>
> 3. http://www.ilo.org/public/portugue/region/eurpro/lisbon/
> pdf/agender_jun06.pdf
> Thanks,
> Subhashish Panigrahi
> Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge
> Centre for Internet and Society
> @subhapa / https://cis-india.org
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