Dear All,

This might come as a surprise but I am officially leaving the Wikimedia
India Chapter. I was elected as the Executive Committee Member last year,
November 2015.

As understood, the chapter was undergoing financial crisis, working in its
attempt to resolve it has affected my private life largely. I am leaving
the Executive Committee Position to fix things in order.

I also wish to inform that Wikimedia India's crisis is almost over, the
Annual General Meetings along with disclosure of audits statements and
reports would be released in public domain soon. The Executive Committee
Members would come up with the details soon.

The good days for Wikimedia India Chapter are ahead :)

Cheers !

Srivastava Abhinav
Executive Committee Member|Wikimedia India
Ph - +91-9711739003|Skype: abhinavsrivastava619
Wiki Username - abhinav619
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