I also thought that we should organize Wikimania in India but after organizing 
WCI i see that Indian community is not yet ready to even organize an annual 
WCI. It took one year to organize WCI 2016 and the work has not finished yet 3 
months after the conference. It will take another 2 months to finish everything 
as far as i see. 

So, No Wikimania until we are prepared enough to organize an annual conference. 


Satdeep Gill

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> From: Srikant Kedia 
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> Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Should we organise Wikimania 2018/2019 in
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> Hello,
> Since last 6 years we were planning to organise Wikimania in India. But we
> dropped it because of raw experience to organise such a big conference.
> But in the last 6 years, we have organised 3 conferences i.e.  in 2011 at
> Mumbai,  2015 at Kolkata &  2016 at Mohali. If we all communities and
> chapters collaborate then we can plan to organise an International
> conference at India in 2018/2019.
> Waiting for your opinion and suggestions.
> Regards
> Shreekant Kedia
> Odisha1
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We organized the 2015 BN10 Conference in Kolkata and as far as I know,
Bengali community, including myself, is not at all interested in organizing
another conference, although I dont speak on behalf of all. Personally
speaking, to remain active online is more fruitful than organizing a

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