Train-the-Trainer will be conducted between 20-22 February at Bangalore and
MediaWiki Training will be conducted between 24-26 February (*these are two
different workshops*, see FAQ 1 below). Thanks for showing interest to
join. Here are a few questions we have received, we are sharing with you so
that it may clarify some of your doubts.

*Please promote these events among your communities, so that the most
deserving editors can attend the workshops.*

*Question 1:* I have applied for TTT2017 (20-22 Feb), is it going to be
automatically included in MWT (24-26 February)?
*Answer 1:* *No, you have to apply separately.* You participation at TTT
does not ensure your participation at MWT. While we understand that some of
you may be eligible for both the workshops, you must apply separately.

See TTT event page:
See MWT event page:

*Question 2:* Can someone from outside India apply?
*Answer 3: *Yes, in our earlier editions of these program too people from
outside India participated too. *But note*: a) this is mainly an Indian
program, where people from *Indian subcontinent countries* who are working
for Indian languages communities may also join, b) an international
application is treated similar to an Indian application, and is assessed
only based on its merit.

*Question 3:* I don't have a laptop, can I attend the workshop?
*Answer 3:* In a training workshop, a participant would require a laptop,
We understand that some of you may not have a laptop. If you are selected,
in such cases we would try to provide you a laptop for the event days so
that you can work. You have to inform us before so that we can make

*Question 4:* I am a minor, I may not come alone. Can I bring my relative
to the workshop?
*Answer 4:* It is difficult. We won't be able to pay for your
friend's/relative's travel (or visa, if applicable). Only in the most
difficult situations, we may provide accommodation for your friend/relative
only, But

*you must inform us about such request in details before the event*
*Question 5:* I won't be able to attend all the 3 days. Can I attend 1 or 2
day(s) of the workshop?
*Answer 5:* No, partial attendance won't be accepted. Please see the event
pages for more details.

If you have any other question, please let us know *and please encourage
the editors of your community to apply*.
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