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> Good news!
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> Subject: [Wmfall] Additional information on community health initiative
> and next steps
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> Hello,
> We have an update on the community health initiative mentioned following
> the Board's Statement on Healthy Community Culture, Inclusivity, and Safe
> Spaces.[1]
> As Patrick Earley from the Support and Safety team noted on Wikimedia-l
> last month[2], we’ve been developing a community health initiative to help
> address the harassment issues discussed in the Board's statement. We
> believe an important aspect of our efforts to combat harassment is
> providing the volunteer community with better tools to more effectively
> respond to instances of harassment as they arise.
> We’re excited to announce that the Craig Newmark Foundation and craigslist
> Charitable Fund have agreed to provide initial funding to help the
> Wikimedia Foundation begin this work. The two seed restricted grants,
> collectively a gift of $500,000, will enable the Foundation to scale up our
> support of these efforts and provide us with the resources to do it right.
> In preparing for this work, we’ve been discussing issues with the current
> tools and processes with active administrators and functionaries. These
> discussions have resulted in requested improvements in several key areas
> where admins and functionaries see immediate needs—better reporting systems
> for volunteers, smarter ways to detect and address problems early, and
> improved tools and workflows related to the blocking process.
> In the coming months, the Community Tech team, working with the Support
> and Safety team, will be expanding their work on development of these
> tools. The long-term goal for this effort is to build up the toolbox that
> volunteers can use to combat harassment and other disruptive behavior on
> our wikis.
> Specifically, there are four areas where we think new tools will help:
> 1. Detection - Improve our detection and prevention tools, like
> AbuseFilter, and build new features to detect aggressive behavior.
> 2. Reporting - Design ways to report harassment that are less chaotic,
> more respectful of privacy, and less stressful than the current workflow.
> 3. Evaluating - Offer admins tools that make evaluating harassment reports
> easier, so that they can make good decisions.
> 4. Blocking - When someone is blocked from the site, we can make it more
> difficult for them to return under a different name or IP address.
> Of course, these improvements need to be made with the participation and
> support of the volunteers who will be using the tools. We don't want to
> create new systems and workflows that create more work for an already
> overburdened team of wiki administrators. We want to make these tasks less
> grueling and able to more consistently produce effective outcomes.
> Work in other areas - such as project policies and better training for
> administrators and functionaries - still needs to be done in order to
> comprehensively tackle the overall issue of harassment and harmful behavior
> on the projects. However, we believe that improving and building better
> tools for volunteers currently most engaged in this effort is a necessary
> first step.
> We welcome your feedback on this approach, and invite you to join us in
> thanking Craig and his charitable organizations for their support of this
> initiative!
> We’ll be sharing regular updates about the progress of this work in the
> coming months. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out
> to us on the talk page of the Meta-Wiki page where you can find more
> information:
> You can also find more details about this announcement in this blog post:
> Danny Horn (Product Manager, Community Tech) and Patrick Earley (Manager,
> Support & Safety)
> [1]
> [2]
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