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From: Asaf Bartov <>
Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 7:28 PM
Subject: Re: New tools: pronuncify and
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Hello, everyone.

Following Bodhisattwa's request[1], I have added an upload feature to the
(command-line) Linux version of this tool, so it can now batch-upload the
recorded pronunciation files to Commons on your behalf.

(Ideally, it should have used OAuth, but that would take longer to
implement. :))

If you want to use the new functionality, just get the latest pronuncify.rb
script from GitHub[2], *install the new dependencies* (see the
file on GitHub for instructions), and enjoy! :)

(I'd love to know if any of you are using the tool.)




On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 8:23 PM Asaf Bartov <> wrote:

Hello, everyone.

(this is an announcement in my capacity as a volunteer.)

Inspired by a lightning talk at the recent CEE Meeting[1] by our colleague
Lars Aronsson, I made a little command-line tool to automate batch
recording of pronunciations of words by native speakers, for uploading to
Commons and integration into Wiktionary etc.  It is called *pronuncify*, is
written in Ruby and uses the sox(1) tool, and should work on any modern
Linux (and possibly OS X) machine.  It is available here[2], with

I was then asked about a Windows version, and agreed to attempt one.  This
version is called * <>*, and is a .NET
gooey GUI version of the same tool, with slightly different functions.  It
is available here[3], with instructions.

Both tools require word-list files in plaintext, with one word (or phrase)
per line.  Both tools name the files according to the standard established
in [[commons:Category:Pronunciation]], and convert them to Ogg Vorbis for
you, so they are ready to upload.

In the future, I may add OAuth-based direct uploading to Commons.  If you
run into difficulties, please file issues on GitHub, for the appropriate
tool.  Feedback is welcome.


    Asaf Bartov
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