Dear Friends,
On 9th February 2017, Wikipedians in Bhubaneswar celebrated the first
anniversary of Bhubaneswar WikiTungi.

WikiTungi [1] is a city based  Wikipedia community formed to help the
Wikipedians in the city to meet, share and learn. The Odia community's
WikiTungi is a based in two cities, Puri and Bhubaneswar. While Wikimedians
in Puri conduct meetups bi-monthly, Bhubaneswar Wikimedians meet once a
month. In every meetup, Wikimedians exchange their resources with each
other, helping address their doubts and queries regarding their problems
and projects.

During the first anniversary meeting of the Bhubaneswar WikiTungi,  The
community members came up with few ideas to implement it as a best practice
in the Wikipedia movement.

*The Tungi members will invite one of the global community leaders for a
Skype or hangout session.
* Discuss the best practice from the global community and discuss them with
the community.
*Updating the minutes of the meeting and sharing them with the other
community members.
*Updating the learning and evaluation team about the new learning of the
community every month.
*The community will also send Postcards as a souvenir to the participants
of the global community for the online sessions.

We invite you to join us for the hangout sessions and share your best
practice with the Tungi members[2]. Please feel free to suggest us more


Thanks and Regards

*Sailesh Patnaik* "*ଶୈଳେଶ ପଟ୍ଟନାୟକ*"
*LinkedIn* :
*Twitter* : @saileshpat
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