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>> Hi Friends,
> Hi Manoj,
> Excuse but would be a big longish.
>> Offline Wikipedia is a requirement of many for sure. More so in
>> developing
>> countries, where internet can be quite unreliable. I had suggested
>> talking
>> to mobile operators/manufacturers to provide preloaded offline Wikipedia.
>> Seeing this information about size makes this difficult to implement.
>> Solutions may be:
>> 1. Arrange to make separate files for 8-10 Basic categories e.g. Science,
>> Commerce, Personalities, Arts, etc.
>> Not everyone needs everything.
> This actually was the way before, at least till 2013-14 it was like
> that IIRC but can guess what happened.
>> 2. I personally feel current events articles are way too much expanded.
>> Size vs. value ratio is far less for recent or ongoing events. e.g. try
>> reading US presidential campaign coverage at this time, now that
>> elections
>> are over. Is there a way to shunt out/ such material from offline
>> version?
> There might be but it probably might be a longish process, why I think
> that will share at the bottom.
>> 3. I Agree that  images etc. need to be checked. These may be made
>> available after connecting. (Maybe illustrations etc. may be kept in
>> offline).
> Agreed.
>> I am working for Hindi Wiki and  I believe that  in order to make
>> Wikipedia
>> popular, offline versions are must. If they can be preloaded in phones,
>> we'll surely gain millions of new contributors.
> Agreed, but not just for gaining millions of contributors but sharing
> knowledge with millions and billions of students who should have
> access to the knowledge. That we believe to a basic human right along
> with a critical eye to understanding how that knowledge is being
> generated. But am going off-key here, sharing what I remember from the
> past about kiwix below.
> The problem with kiwix was always NOT having enough curators.

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