Hey Soni,
Thanks for the queries.
1. All the content will be under creatives commons - We believe that no single
organization has the right to control the sum of all human knowledge.
2. We are currently in closed beta to take the feedback of Wikipeidans in
building the software. We are 3-4 months away from launch. On launch , it will
be accessible to everyone.

Hope that clears all your doubts. Feel free to ask me any other questions.
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Hi Pratik,
I see no licensing or relevant information regarding VideoWiki. Will all videos
there be public domain? Under CC-by-SA or other appropriate licenses?
Also, is there any specific reason why the current project is under closed Beta,
as opposed to be open to all? These are necessary conditions before it can be
considered similar or open to any Wiki communities.
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Hey Wikipedians,

Have you ever wondered why there isn't a video version of Wikipedia? It's 2017,
streaming images and videos isn't a big deal but Wikipedia is still a
predominantly atext-based encyclopedia.

* Okay, times up *

The reason for this is because videos once uploaded on the internet cannot be
edited again and Wikipedia relies on being continuously edited.

We have cracked this problem and are building VideoWiki. VideoWiki is a free
multi-media encyclopedia built by the people using VideoWiki Software. In
simpler words, we are building the video version of Wikipedia.

You can enhance your Wikipedia articles and create a VideoWiki article by simply
dragging and dropping images to the relevant Wikipedia text. You can check out
the 1st ever VideoWiki article on Elon Musk as demo at -

We will be launching VideoWiki in the next 3-4 months and would love your
valuable feedback on the ease of use of the VideoWiki Software.

Will keep you updated with the progress and let you know when you can beta test
the product.

Meanwhile, would love your thoughts and opinions on the demo multi-media
article. Is it something you would love to see happen to all the Wikipedia

Love, now and always,

Pratik Shetty
Creator of VideoWiki and a open-content enthusiast
Email -pratik.she...@tlrfindia.com [pratik.she...@tlrfindia.com][
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