Dear All,


The election committee of Wikimedia India has a very important duty to
ensure that the election takes place in a free, open & fair manner. To
enforce its duty, the election committee has taken various precautions to
ensure that each ballot papers it receives from the members are valid & the
votes given by the members are valid.

To ensure this following are the security features we have included in he
ballot papers which have been sent to all the members whose name is present
in the voters list.

   - All of the ballot papers have been signed by one of the election
   committee member (Mr. Yogesh). This is to ensure that when the votes will
   be counted, we are sure that the ballot papers are genuine.
   - All ballot papers have the original coin stamp of Wikimedia India.
   - Upon receiving the ballot papers, the sign of the election committee
   member and seal will be checked to ensure the validity of the ballot paper.
   - On the ballot paper, we will also cross verify the sign of the member
   with their membership form and also their member id, to make sure we
   received the same papers that were sent to them.

The Election committee hopes that maximum members vote for this election &
make it a success.

Thanks and regards,
Election Committee
Dr. Abhijeet Safai
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