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>From the WMINElectionAndAppointmentRules.pdf

B. Voter’s List:
> 1. The electorate shall consist of the members of the Society i.e.
> i. Individual Members
> ii. Institutional Members
> 2. Provided:-
> *a. Members who are on the rolls of the Chapter three months prior to the
> AGM/Election day shall*
> *form the eligible voters list.*
> 3. Copy of Final Voters’ List shall be available at Registered office of
> the Society at least
> twenty one days ahead of the Election Day and in the Election premises (if
> some other
> Venue is selected as for conduct of Ballot) on the day of voting for
> inspection of Voters
> 4. Right to cast the vote shall be with the members only and is not
> transferable. For Institutional
> members/voters, the person duly authorized can vote in person.

(Viswanathan Prabhakaran)
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