FSFTN celebrates software freedom day on oct 8 at Loyola-ICAM College
of Engineering and Technology, Chennai.

We can have a stall to explain public about wikipedia and other projects.

can anyone volunteer to handle a stall for wikipedia?

Reply here if you are interested.


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Hello Community,

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN) is an organisation working
towards the spreading of the use and awareness of Free (as in freedom)
software and technologies throughout the State. The entirely
volunteer-run organisation comprises people from all walks of life,
including academics, students, IT professionals and developers.

FSFTN regularly conducts workshops on Linux-based technology, free and
open source programming languages, open hardware and other related
topics across the State. One of its major annual events is Software
Freedom Day (SFD). On the occasion of SFD, stalls are put up
explaining what free software is, how to learn and use cutting-edge
technology and the possibilities in the future.

This year FSFTN is organising SFD in Chennai on Oct 8th 2017 at
Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai. We from
FSFTN request all the GLUGs, Tech Communities, Free Software
Communities and Volunteer driven communities like  Mozilla, Wikipedia,
etc. to be part of this event and contribute by Exhibiting Stalls or
Providing your valuable presence for the event on that day. We request
you to be a part of the event and together we could spread the essence
of Software Freedom to the students and the general public.

Free Software Foundation Tamilnadu


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