Dear friends,

This feeling of possessiveness about something you have cared for and
worked hard for is natural. However, ownership has no place in a
Wikimedia environment.

Since many Indic wikipedias do not have guidelines for this issue, may
I request that all wikimedians glance over this link on English
Wikipedia? The contents of this page are policy for en:WP but the
contents are actually universally applicable to all Wikimedia

It is really sad when a wikimedian of long standing and many
accomplishments forgets her or his way while dealing with this issue.
But the community guidelines are very clear on ownership.

And most importantly, we ALWAYS need to deal in a civil manner in good
faith with all concerned, ESPECIALLY with those people you dislike or
have disagreements with.

This issue affects both beginner editors and senior editors alike. All
of us need to not be attached to the edits we make and accept that we
need to follow the community's norms for communication, consensus and
dispute resolution.

Warm regards to all.

Ashwin Baindur

On 11/5/17, Tiven Gonsalves <> wrote:
> Fellow Wikimedians,
> This is regarding the recent activity notice on Marathi Wikipedia. An
> Administrator (User:Mahitgar) has been removed out from Administrators
> powers by Wikimedia Stewards' for *misusing administrative powers.*
> The link for the discussion of the same can be found at <
> Emergency_help_from_Steward>
> The whole of mrwp. community should take note of this recent changes of
> rights.
> Thanking you,
> Tiven Gonsalves
> (User:Tiven2240)

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

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