Happy New Year greetings,

I'm glad to announce the Featured Wikimedian of the Month for January
2018, *Mr. Yercaud

*Yercaud Elango* (*User:Yercaud-elango*
<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Yercaud-elango>) is a prolific
science writer from Tamil Wikimedia community. Born in 1961, Elango
graduated in Botany and mastered in Population Studies from Annamalai
University. Since 1987, he has been associated with the Tamil Nadu Science
Forum. He wrote 85 books, most of which are exclusive to science stream.

In November 2014, he got his first exposure to the Commons community, and
has been very active ever since. Within three years of his joining, he has
uploaded more than 10,800 photographs to Wikimedia Commons. He frequently
visits Yercaud Hills, Yellagiri Hills, and Sitheri, to photograph various
species of plants, animals, and birds. His uploads include 2,450 plant
species, and 7,675 sub classifications of plants. He spends minutes, hours,
days, even months and years to identify scientific names, before uploading
them to Commons.

One of his significant works include, uploading images of 200 rare and
endangered plant species that belong to Yercaud Hills to Commons.
Interestingly, of the 1003 Moth images available on Commons, 300 were
contributed by Elango. He also has credit of uploading images of some of
the rarest species like Shortts shield snake, Yercaud day gecko, Green
lizard etc. and modern stone age tools like Dolmens, Cairns, Menhir etc.
that are available in and around Yercaud Hills. Elango's uploads to
Wikimedia Commons can be seen at the category:*Category:Files by

Elango says that he daily allocates one hour to work on Wikimedia Commons,
and he feels that allocating time for Commons is something that we do for
the society. In 2014, he published his first eBook, and in the last three
years, he has published 21 eBooks, which have been downloaded 3,94,303
times. Apart from his regular work, he is now planning to upload his eBooks
to Tamil Wikisource. For his services to the society, the Tamil Nadu
Governemnet conferred him various awards and titles, which include
Yezhluthu Sirpi, Ariviyal Mamani and Vallamaimigu Yezhluthalar.

Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
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