Hello Wikimedia Kenya

I am working on a project with Translators Without Borders to first
translate medical articles from standard English to simple English and
than from simple English to other languages.

They are keen to translate into African languages as they have been
doing outreach in Nairobi. Are there people from Wikimedia Kenya who
would be interested in
getting involved with this project? I mainly edit medical content on
the English Wikipedia and would help on the English side of things.
Translators Without Borders will deal with the translation to Swahili
(but I am sure would appreciate help). We than need people who can
take this text and Wikify it and place it in Swahili Wikipedia.

I am going to be coming to your area of the world in Feb/Mar and would
be interested in meeting in person (will be in Kenya and Tanzania)

James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian
President Wikimedia Canada

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