dear Francis
great job. 

i found the information very useful. please note that there is a newsletter to 
document the work implemented in Africa in collaboration with cultural 
it is a monthly newsletter and it would be really useful if we use it also to 
keep us updated and work on a common communication tool.
maybe you can also coordinate with Isla to update it.
current issue:
next month issue:
 (please add your name as an editor and add information about events, 
activities and institutions)
maybe you can add here information on the wikiafrica incubator and on any 
event/activity relevant to the cultural partnerships.

thank you and it is a great pleasure to collaborate with you.
please do not hesitate to let us know if I (and we) can be useful or can help 
you in any way.
my very best regards

Il giorno 10/feb/2012, alle ore 09:35, ha scritto:

> Dear Wiki colleagues,
> I am excited to invite all members of the Kenyan chapter of Wikimedia to 
> participate in the  Wiki Africa project that will expand and increase the 
> contents of Africa information in Wikipedia. Through this invitation we hope 
> to build a strong partnership in promoting African content in Wikipedia.
> WikiAfrica is an international collaborative project between Africa Centre 
> and Lettera27 that is designed to Africanize Wikipedia by generating and 
> expanding 30,000 articles over two years. The project promotes a new method 
> of acquiring and sharing knowledge that is fully-inclusive, mainstream, 
> intercultural and relevant to contemporary and historic Africa. The initial 
> two years are focused on encouraging external Africa-based, cultural 
> organizations, museums and archives, as well as bloggers and journalists, to 
> contribute their knowledge to Wikipedia.
> These initial two years focus on content related to literature, poetry, art, 
> cinema and other cultural products. WikiAfrica will not exclude anything that 
> falls outside of these categories, but focuses most of its energy in these 
> areas. At the same time, the WikiAfrica project expands the African content 
> that is already available online and improves existing articles by combining 
> sources and promoting the participation of experts. WikiAfrica contributes to 
> the aims of Wikimedia projects online (especially the WikiProject Africa, 
> WikiProject African diaspora and the Africa Portal) and also works externally 
> with texts, quotes, images, audio and video.
> The project will be approached and achieve its goals via the following four 
> activities:
>    -Create partnerships with organisations that have existing archives that 
> are readily accessible and that are predisposed to placing this content 
> online;
>    -Motivate the adaptation of a copyleft or Creative Commons approach to 
> intellectual property.
>    -Activate new Wikipedia users and editors in Africa through marketing and 
> promotion; and
>    -Create training tools and establish the mentorships required to activate 
> a new team of users and editors of Wikipedia (wikipedians).
> Click on Get started 
> ( ) or the 
> Project page ( to 
> contribute to Wiki Africa and become a member of Wiki Africa !
> Please visit our incubator at 
>   for a step by 
> step guide on how to start your articles for new authors.
> We look forward to working with Wikimedia Kenya chapter through knowledge 
> exchange, participation and contribution to this project.
> For any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
> I wish you all a wonderful meeting on Saturday!!!
> Thank you
> Francis Awinda
> Administrator and content manager Wiki Africa
> Tel:+27793087519
> _______________________________________________
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