Dear All,

I trust we are all doing great and are all aware of the scheduled
Mombasa Outreach this Friday. You can take a look at the Meta page
here: to
know what we have in store .

I have created a small budget for the same here too: and
would love your input into it.

So far no one has come out ON-LIST  to volunteer to help with the
Outreach (except for 2 off-list requests of Morine and Ednah) So if
you still think you could volunteer for the same, Kindly get in touch.

==KU Outreach Updates==

So I have been in touch with the KU Administration over the small
outreach talk we owe them from last year and I managed to squeeze an
appointment tomorrow 29th 2012 for the same. Looks like all is set and
If you are interested in joining me for the meetup, please get in
touch too.

We would be having pretty the same talk to KU Students sometimes maybe
next week or so similar to what we are going to deliver to Mombasa.

In that regard, I would like to have somone Step in for m for th KU
and possibly subsequent Outreaches as I am soon starting my Full time
job and am not sure I will be better placed to coordinate all this
Years Outreaches as planned.

Steve is taking charge for the Egerton Outreach slated for 10th of March?


Limoke Oscar,

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