Dear all,The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees has two slots that are 
 The 2012 Chapter Selected Board Seats process has already started. Details 
The list of candidates vying is publicly available: http:// You have 
until 14th March to ask questions to the candidates, so please put your 
questions on this page:
 are already some questions and some answers there)

Candidates are not forced to answer, and even if they do, they're not forced to 
answer in public, so might happens that
some answers won't go to meta. Also do keep in mind this isn't a community 
vote. And therefore some discussions will not be publicly available. And since 
we have some Wikimedia Foundation Board Members & Staff on this mailing list, 
we wouldn't be able to hold this discussion on this mailing list. So in case 
you want to discuss a candidate, please do so off-list. And also, in case you 
have a candidate that you'd like to choose on behalf of Wikimedia Kenya, please 
also notify me off-list.Thanks,Abbas Mahmood                                    
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