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So we had a great and eventful outreach in Mombasa over the weekend where
we met with guys from Mombasa IT society.

Mozilla Kenya Community and Wikimedia Kenya delivered interesting talks to
the enthusiastic audience of mostly IT profession and students drawn from
various Universities. It was exciting to see the level of enthusiasm and
zeal from the audience and they were all willing to start the Mombasa Base
for our future engagements.

We managed to distribute the Offline Wikipedia for schools to a couple of
University students ( about 10) who were rely happy and excited about it.

One of the main organisers of the event and who is spearheading efforts to
create the Mombasa IT society offered to use my presentation to
other meet-ups she was going to have and I gladly obliged.

We also had the chance to explore the rich culture and "Museum-ish" nature
of Mombasa ( we all agreed that the whole of Mombasa is a Museum of its own
kind  :-) ) and we will be sharing the pics soon.The outreach was great and
we had a great team from both camps and we look forward to such great and
amazing outreach events.


   1. On the 9th to 10th, we have an official invitation to Egerton
   Universities and Steve is taking Charge of the same
   2. On the week of 14th, we have a date with KU and Alex is taking charge
   of that.


Limoke Oscar,
"*point me to the destiny,and I will curve my own path to it *"
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