Forwarding this information about ZIM reader Kiwix, which is the reader
commonly used for the Offline Wikipedia projects.

Many of you on these lists I know have connections to both OLPC and/or
Offline Wikipedia, so I thought that you might at a minimum interested in
the update and hopefully also interested in helping test!

Best wishes to all -

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From: Emmanuel Engelhart <>
Date: Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 11:17 AM
Subject: [Kiwix-testing] [KIWIX] New version of Kiwix for Sugar
To: "" <>,

Dear testers,

we finally have fixed the big bug impacting loading of ZIM files with
0.8x versions of the OLPC OS. So, Kiwix should work now and be able to
load any ZIM file. No bug anymore concerning Kiwix on Sugar is still
open on our side.

Please test the last version and give us a feedback:

Build your own small custom ZIM file there:

If everything still runs fine, we plan to introduce pre-packaged .xo
files (Kiwix+content) during the summer.


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