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Subject: [Wikimedia Kenya] Board Elections

Hallo Wikimedians,
It's been a while but I hope we are all well. This serves as a reminder that we 
are supposed to have board elections so that we can proceed with the 
registration process of being a fully recognized chapter. Furthermore, I am 
availing myself to be part of the team of members that will overlook the 
election process.</snip>Hi Chris! Thanks for following this up -- I had totally 
forgotten about this: my apologies. Anyway, Branton and Cliff had already 
volunteered to be moderators, but you're more than welcome to join them 
<snip> I'll be in contact with all the acting board members on how we shall see 
this activity come to pass successfully. Just for the record, on our last meet 
up we planned to have these elections on the 17th of this month. However, this 
seems to be to soon if we are to have a well planned and executed 
election.</snip>Precisely. Some of the moderator tasks that I surmise include 
(but are not limited to) finalizing the Board Elections process: 
http://wikimedia.or.ke/Board_Elections;  brainstorming the voting criteria; 
creating a nominations page; announcing the call for nominees and making any 
other necessary announcements; creating a timeline and of course overseeing the 
actual elections.
<snip> I would like to suggest that we plan for the 31st of March since Ihub 
had offered space for WikimediaKE on the last Saturday of every month. 
<snip> Also, do we have a time from iHub for our monthly meetings? Morning? 
Midday? Afternoon? Evening?</snip>Still unconfirmed. Let me liaise with iHub 
and get back to you.

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