Hi all,

So we (me and Steve) just got back to the hostel back in Berlin (12:45 am).
We have been on tour and a welcome party the whole day and haven't had a
chance to see/reply to the questions as per the deadline (6:00 pm) so I'm
requesting an extension of this time.

To the electrol team, kindly come up with a schedule (including timelines
and milestones) of the whole election process and document them here:
http://wikimedia.or.ke/Board_Elections so that we can plan ahead of time
for such instances. I'd also request to wikify these stuff instead of doing
it over emails. I've moved all the Qs I received here and will answer them
on the same page: http://wikimedia.or.ke/Board_Elections/Q2Wafula

If you make anymore changes and have new documentation, do wikify them
instead of doing it over email, it makes follow-ups difficult. Well, these
are just my recommendations/thoughts for your consideration.

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