Hi all,

It is with great pleasure for me to announce the inaugural Wikimedia Kenya 
board that comprises of:

Alex Wafula
Ann Njeri
David Mugo
Oscar Limoke
Stephen Wanjau

The Board's got a diverse range of experience -- with folks working in the 
government sector, internet industry, financial expertise and leadership skills.

I think that they're a good fit for our egalitarian, international, non-profit 
culture. And we've got a woman on the Board, which matters to me because we 
will have someone to relate to, when it comes to gender-gap issues :)

Many thanks to those who assisted in the elections process: Chris, Branton, 
Cliff & Oliver. And many thanks to all the nominees who took their time to 
submit their candidature and also answer our questions.

Let's all welcome our new Board as they orient themselves in their new roles.


PS -- Note to the Board: I've forwarded your names to be added to Internal & 
Chapters Mailing Lists. I am also looking into creating your Board Mailing List.
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